Journaling Workshops UK


Dr John Sweet will be leading the workshops in UK            


Do let me know of your interest in Life Journals.  

An email to me means that I will be able to keep you up-to-date with workshops availability and locations as soon as they are arranged in the UK.  

I do not pass emails on to anyone else.       Workshops for 2016

Welcome to John Sweet’s Website dedicated to giving information about Journaling workshops in the UK and in Ireland.  Details to follow at the end of February 2016


A Life Journal workshop - What is it?

It is a time set aside when you can write privately in your own journal about your life from many different aspects and use writing exercises to explore and expand understanding and meaning - all under the guidance of a workshop leader.  In addition, once you have some experience of the method you can keep a journal to study other creative lives and learn from them too.  Details to follow